Our filters are subjected to two surface treatments, MICRO SHOT PEENING and PASSIVATION.

Micro shot peening is carried out in appropriate rooms by “bombing” all filter’s stainless-steel parts with a
special micro-grit that allows to abrade internal and external surfaces, completely removing external post-
manufacturing particles and bringing the original material to the surface and exalting his properties. One of the huge advantages of the micro shot peening is increasing the metal’s hardness; it causes microscopic
deformations that propagates for several tenths of millimetre which obstruct the formation and subsequent propagation of cracks and discontinuities, increasing the material’s resistance. After the treatment, because of the micro-cavities, a secondary effect is the attenuation of the reflected light on the material which gives our filters their characteristic satin-finished look.

Passivation is an essential phase that guarantees our products’ stainlessness. After freeing the filter from pollutants, it is left without any protection and exposed to aggressive external attacks that can damage the material’s properties. Metal’s surface is originally covered by a passive film, made by chromium oxide which is extremely sensible to pollutants (metal residuals, dirt, dust, etc.). This film is restored with a controlled passivation procedure and it constitutes a physical barrier against the aggressive pollutants through the metal: passivation ennobles the stainless steel.

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