About Wonderfil

Wonderfil goes beyond the simple mass production of stainless-steel filters, providing customers with what we consider our added value: the certainty of providing the best solution, both from a technical and economical point of view, thanks to the considerable design and construction flexibility. In addition to our range of standard filters, we also offer tailor-made systems to meet the many requests from design studios, municipalities, manufacturers of industrial machines, plant engineers, installers and treatment operators. Our products, characterized by a strong industrial imprinting, stand out for their sturdiness and reliability over time.

About the company

Industrial filters

We design and manufacture different types of screen filters in our facility in Italy: static, manual and automatic, in AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless- steel, designed for the targeted removal of suspended solids from coarse dimensions down to 1 µm.


Automatic filter with pressurized water jets. Ideal for heavy duty applications with large quantities of suspended solids.


Automatic filter with rotating brushes. Ideal for coarse solids removal and pre-filtration.


Manually operated brush filter equipped with a folding lever. Robust and easy to use.


Cyclonic separator for the removal of sand and debris. Maximum separation efficiency with no moving parts or filter elements.


In-line filter with robust stainless steel filter basket. Designed for the retention of coarse solids and the protection of pumps.


Bag filter for plant protection, can remove solids down to 1µm. It can be used as a magnetic dirt separator filter and chemical product dispenser.


Static protection filter. Manual cleaning made easier by the “Quick Bolts” quick opening/closing system. Wide range of filtration degrees to ensure maximum versatility.


Automatic filter with “suction scanner” technology. Removes impurities without interrupting the flow, ensuring full system operation.


Our team is always ready to provide assistance and support in the various phases of the relationship with the customer, from the initial consultancy on the purchase of the best solution to the after-sales phase of installation, commissioning and management of the purchased product or spare parts.

We are here for you. Before and after


We carefully choose the solution that best suits your needs, guiding you and creating tailor-made products for you.


Technical documentation, manuals and assistance for installing and starting up your filtration system.


We provide turnkey, complete and ready-to-use solutions. We create totally customizable multi-filter systems complete with automation and remote control.


We produce our filters with certified and top quality components and we carefully check the entire production process to obtain a very high quality standard.