Gaskets for Drinking Water Applications


All of our EPDM filters’ gaskets are certified for being in contact with drinking water according to the
following European regulations and directives:

UBA Leitline – Since the 1 st of January 2017 the German Federal Ministry of Environment put the
new UBA directives for organics materials contact with drinking water into force. The UBA Leitline
in fact reduces the number of allowed materials and substances, it provides for an extended
immersion time and it also significantly reduces the TOC value (Total Organic Carbon), a very
important parameter when it comes to determining water’s pollution level. Implementing the new
directive resulted in a greater possibility of reaching a greater water quality level by safeguarding
water’s properties, colour, clarity, aroma and taste as well as safeguarding the consumer’s health.

DVGW Arbeitsblatt W270 – DVGW is a German acronym for “Deutscher Verein des Gas und
Wasserfaches e V.-Technisch-Wissernschaftlicher Verein” which is the German Technical and
Scientific Association for Gas and Water. The “W270” is applied to non-metallic materials, like
plastic and rubber, in contact with drinking water and the tests must confirm the compliance to the
requirements of microbiological growth according to this standard.

WRAS (BS 6920-1): This is an English standard created to protect public health and it also helps to
prevent public water supplies contamination (taps etc)

ACS: It is a French directive (Attestation de conformité sanitaire) that enables to assess the
suitability, through tests carried out by a lab authorised by the French Ministry of Health, of a
product that has to be in contact with drinking water according to French Decree of May 29 1997
and its subsequent updates. This national decree shall be applied to plastic materials as well as to
accessories containing at least one plastic element which comes into contact with drinking water.

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